Nowadays people want to buy exercise equipment for their home gym. To set up the home gym you need to consider all the basic strength and fitness training equipment. If you need to buy fitness equipment for home use firstly you need to consult them with professional fitness trainers. Here there are basic pieces of gym equipment are available in the market for home use.

1) Dumbbells

if you need to buy exercise equipment then you should consider these dumbbells first. These set of quality dumbbells exercise equipment are easy to use and also used for cardio exercises. Set of dumbbells swings are available in a variety of weights ranges from 10 pounds to 30 pounds. Especially advanced dumbbells are made with iron material which is affordable and easily rolls away with hands. Iron hex dumbbells are easily available in all stores of fitness.

2) Exercise balls

Exercise balls is considered to be a perfect choice to buy for a home gym. Exercise ball used for core work while you are working on your body balance. It makes you feel stable and active. Exercise balls can be used for multiple purposes though it can also maintain your body weight. If you used it as a weight bench then you can do push-ups, leg lifts, and back lifts. It can also reduce back pain.

3) Triceps dips

You should buy exercise equipment according to the personal trainer suggestion but tricep dips can be used for back and chest exercise. They are flat but can be adjustable according to the body need. You can have a set of tricep dips for only $40.

Important tip: try to use lifting gloves in order to protect your hands while doing a workout at home

4) Resistance bands

These bands help you to maintain body weight especially used for doing body workout. They are available in all sizes and can be fit in every suitcase. They are versatile enough to use in office and hotel. These bands help you to overcome muscular pain.

5) Gliding discs

Now you can buy exercise equipment for your home gym with one click. These discs are useful enough to maintain body muscles and make yourself fit. These set of gliding discs can be used for various exercises at home gym. You can use a sliding lunge in order to support your hand function. Climber and hikers use sliding lunge in order to protect their hand knees and feet while climbing up t the mountain.