Bon Air GYM

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In Bon Air, Gym South Melbourne is the prime source of health and fitness. You are free to join us for fitness center, adult fitness classes, cycle classes, boot camp, aerobics, weight loss training, slimming plan, Spa treatment and many more. If you want to enjoy, relax and unwind, sit back in our café with a cup of coffee. Here, you can catch up on emails, enjoy snacks and other activities online with our Wi-Fi equipped lounges. The Gym South Melbourne gives air conditioned facility in the area with full viewing. We provide you complete privacy in your room. You can get your private cabinets and lockers. The use of the locker for towels is an ultimate choice for the users. Providing the complete safety from any mishap, it raises the productivity of the business. Some other important tips to save your property from thieves are given below

  • Uses trademark of our gym on the towels
  • Keeps the record of the items, especially towels
  • Checks the items after the visit of the members, people or others
  • Use monitoring tools like CCTV cameras
  • We use modern technology for maintaining your comfort and convenience.

In Bon Air, Gym South Melbourne is well equipped with latest technology and trained staff is the asset in this regard. We are serving people with the vision to provide them the opportunity to embrace a healthy and protected life happily. We want to see the smile of life on your face through the professional fitness services. We are serving the innovative technology which educates you what obesity is in reality. It educates you that proper health life can be started only with an appropriate function of the body system. Our modern equipment is excellent for your use. Now you can calculate your burnt calories during weight loss. It does not need to bother about the matter how many calories you need to burn. It is a common issue users forget their exact amount of workout. All our machinery is highly innovative and comfortable for the members. We know how to help you to achieve your goal.



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