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Have you visited Gym South Melbourne in Balaclava? We are the right option to make your body fit and stout because our mission is to provide you a healthy lifestyle. Are you searching for a reliable and affordable health club? The Gym South Melbourne in Balaclavadesigned in a modern way. The classy style of construction makes it special for you. There are numerous halls and special workout studios in the gym that are available at low-charges. Our services are not only available at reasonable prices but these are stylish for the members. The exclusive facilities make it a dynamic fitness center for the members. It is very significant to choose the Gym to avail the comfortable environment. We work with a wide network that offers you a quality gym services with in no time. We offer innovative facilities for the members including privacy, lockers, Cabinets, security and many more. For making your workout experience comfortable avail our services in the gym.

  • Weight loss training is excellent to shed your extra pounds
  • Enjoy a sleek look and stout body with our personal training program
  • Aerobics are designed to keep you mentally and physically fit
  • Special Spa treatment
  • Steam exercises in a secure way

How soothing would it be to look out of the window and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of lush green garden in the gym? You can relax here after a hectic workout in the building. Now, you do not have to fear about leaving your best friends because our gym is pet-friendly. You can make sure if the pets meet the community requirement and hence can follow up the procedure. Along with that, you get an additional advantage. We have organized pet-park and animal health centers so as to take good care of the lovable souls. Parking becomes an issue in a heavily rushed city. But what is the point to create a fuss about when you can get a spacious parking area within the gym. You do not have to travel to far off places hence. Fitness center and other recreations are also well maintained in the gym.



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